Lumber, Yellow Pine, White Pine Cedar, Hem Fir RedwoodLumber & Panels for Residential and Commercial Projects


K-I Lumber stocks a full line of lumber and panels for your residential or commercial project.

Our lumber line includes:

-- Cedar
-- Hem Fir
-- Poplar & Red Oak
-- White Pine
--Yellow Pine
-- Fire Treated Lumber
-- SPF-Lumber
-- WindsonONE
-- Kleer Trim Board

You can find sizes ranging from studs to long length for any construction project.  

Panels, Plywoood, OSB, MDF, MDO, Underlayments

-- Plywood
-- OSB
-- Hardwood
-- MDF
-- MDO
-- Marine Grade Plywood
-- Fire Treated
-- Pressure Treated
-- Zip Wall & Roof Sheathing
-- Underlayments

To learn more about the offerings from KI-Lumber, call us at 800-937-1401 or click here to fill out a request information form.