Insulation & House Wrap

Helping you be energy efficient.

Insulating your home with fiberglass insulation, board, and house wrap are cost-effective ways to save energy and reduce your heating and cooling bills. At K-I Lumber we offer several alternatives to fit your need or project and to ensure your home is comfortable and energy efficient.

Our insulated products are from some of the best-known manufacturers in the industry:

  • Huber ZipSystem
  • DuPont / Tyvek
  • Thermax Sheathing Foam
  • Guardian House Wrap
  • Thermo-Ply Structural Sheathing
  • GreenGuard House Wrap – Kingspan
  • HomeGuard House Wrap
  • Flashing and Seam Tape
  • FORTI Flash Butyl Tape
  • Protecto Flex Tape

To learn more about the offerings from KI-Lumber, call us at 800-937-1401 or click here to fill out a request information form.

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